Becoming a Home Barista

Brewing ‘Third Wave’ coffee at home became our mission when we transitioned from the bustling city to the quieter, coffee-desolate suburb of Hadersdorf (1140). Let’s be clear: for those who crave the perfection of a well-brewed cup of coffee even in the comfort of their own home, quality equipment is absolutely essential.

Our adventure began with a cheeky Nespresso machine before we moved onto a classic stovetop espresso maker (moka pot). Finally, we’ve ascended to our prized possession: a top-notch, Italian dual boiler espresso machine by Lelit, accompanied by a high-quality coffee grinder of the same brand.

Throughout our journey, we’ve gathered an array of experiences and tips which we can’t wait to share with you. From selecting the right coffee beans, mastering your coffee maker, to fine-tuning the grind size for the perfect extraction, we’ve got you covered. Also, we’d like to tell you more about our barista workshop at home.

However, our journey doesn’t stop here. We’re excited to broaden our horizons and delve into other brewing techniques such as cold brew and more. Join us as we continue to explore the wide world of coffee! And together, let’s transform every coffee moment into an extraordinary experience.

Stay tuned for more coffee magic coming your way!

Hilary & Markus