Why Vienna Family Coffee?

Imagine this: you’re about to meet a friend at a cafe you’ve been looking forward to trying for ages. But when you get there, it’s closed. With your plans dashed, you need to find another place nearby, and quickly. Not only that, you might need it to be accessible for your stroller, require a changing table, or high chair. Suddenly you’re simultaneously scanning Google Maps and the internet to find what’s local and meets the above requirements.

But you don’t want to go just anywhere. This is meant to be your break, your time to connect with that friend or enjoy exceptional coffee and artisan baked goods in a cozy environment, all by yourself. So you don’t want to settle. You want it to be good.

We’ve all been there. And we want to change that.

Enter Vienna Family Coffee. Driven by our passion for exceptional coffee, we’re a couple of parents on a mission to find and share all the family-friendly – and family-equipped – cafes in Vienna. And that’s not all; we also want to share our home barista adventures with you. After moving from a neighborhood brimming with amazing coffee shops to the outskirts of Vienna where they are scarce, we invested in a beautiful Italian dual boiler coffee maker to bring the magic of great coffee into our home.

Follow our journey as we try out Vienna’s cafes, restaurants, and delve into the world of home brewing, bringing you all the information and inspiration you need at your fingertips.

Lots of love, Hilary & Markus