GOTA Coffee Experts: you GOTA go there!

Quick Facts:


We are super excited to share our experience at GOTA Coffee Experts. Located in the 15th district, GOTA’s sleek interior invites you in, and makes you want to stay. Immediately your eyes feast on their eat in or takeaway selection (artisan bagels stuffed with smoked salmon, brie cheese etc., paninis, decadent cakes and pastries), and that’s before you salivate over their Friday to Sunday brunch menu. Did someone say Shakshuka, avocado toast with friend eggs or french toast? (we ordered all this by the way), the menu goes on…

TOP parenting tip: save time and check the menu in advance!

If you’re looking for a place to indulge in that weekend brunch where you can bring the kids, this is it. We were 4 adults and 2.5 kids and could reserve online. We were pleasantly surprised they gave us a big table for 8. That there is table service makes entertaining your kids and actually getting some food and coffee possible! While there are two steps to enter GOTA, the automatic door makes this easier. Once inside, the selection of moveable square tables makes navigating with a stroller easy.

The Coffee:

The place lives up to its name: Coffee Experts. One can taste the knowledge, experience and love for proper coffee in every cup. What we really liked is there is a decaf option which, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or just trying to cut down on caffeine without cutting down on quality, is good to know.

Kid friendliness 

Kids are definitely welcome here, which is clear from the availability of high chairs, changing room (down a flight of stairs, but with a toilet and sink!) and friendly staff. Staff were helpful and accommodating with changes to the menu. While there weren’t specific kid’s options several would work for kiddos and be quite healthy too (ours loved the porridge and Shakshuka). 


We loved this place and were excited to learn they harvest and roast their own beans and also run their own workshops. We couldn’t resist buying a few bags (that’s what that space under the stroller is for, right?) and can’t wait to try them in our home barista machine. We’ll be sure to share with you how it tasted. In the meantime,  we can’t wait to hear what you thought of GOTA.

Hilary & Markus

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