Waldemar Tagesbar

Quick Facts:

This is one of our favorite escapes in the 13th district. There aren’t many quality coffee shops in this neck of the woods, let alone places offering proper brunch, so this has been my ‘go to’ for a while. 

Located on a side street away from the busy footfall that leads to Schönbrunn and the Zoo, Waldemar is an oasis of ‘chill’, good food and coffee. You can reserve in advance or try your luck on the day.


Just one step up (and a bizarrely heavy door) and you’re in! Also, there is a side entrance that is step-free. The place is one big rectangle with tables of various sizes. The staff are friendly, attentive and helpful directing you to a nice spot if you’ve got a stroller. It might take a little bit of maneuvering, but you’ll squeeze in somewhere.


Once you’re settled, salivate over the menu (did someone say savory avocado toast, or sweet French toast? I might have ordered both…). Then have a coffee, or two, or switch to decaf just to extend the relaxing stay (I might have done that too).

Kid friendliness:

The place is very kid friendly. They welcome strollers, have several high chairs and a changing table. 

Local Area:

We enjoy combining this with a visit to nearby – and stunning – Schonbrunn Palace gardens. It’s perfect for strolling the various tree lined paths and marveling at the beauty. You can also combine this with a trip to the zoo which is usually a winner with the kids!

Hilary & Markus
June 2023

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