To Ellinikon – A Greek escape by Stadtpark!

Quick Facts:

We love this place. It’s our ‘go-to’ near Stadtpark. Perhaps because we met in Greece we’ll always regard Greek restaurants rather fondly, but moreover it’s because of the good food, friendly staff, kid amenities and fact there is nearly always lots of space to settle in with a pram (or double in our case). And they are always open! It’s such a reliable place. 

A Greek original, right? Copyright To Ellinikon.


The main entrance is accessible and once inside it’s like a big U-shape wrapping around the restaurant. We love being able to tuck ourselves into one of the corner ends where there’s always enough space to park the pram, unload the kids and their kit.

Bites & Service

The staff are warm, friendly and attentive. The interior atmosphere is calm mixed with a hint of holiday feeling thanks to the Greek music. There is a seasonal patio with views to the street and Stadtpark. The menu has lots of options and there’s always something with a side the kids can enjoy. 


The place is very kid friendly. They are always welcoming and let us choose our preferred table. They have high chairs and a changing table and are quick to bring anything we’ve ordered for the kids. 

Local Area:

After your Greek feast Stadtpark offers the perfect place to stroll around. There is a big playground there – complete with nearby toilets and changing table! For the parents there is the Espresso Mobil which is perfect for grabbing a coffee on the go.

If you skipped the Greek Coffee – here you go! The “Espresso Mobil” can be found 150m from the restaurant.

Enjoy your Greek getaway in Vienna! 

Hilary & Markus
Reviewed 10 June, 2023

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